I Live at Ground Zero

What the Critics are Saying

… an honest, touching, and beautiful portrayal of the thoughts and feelings of a young person who witnessed the events of September 11th from her classroom window. The final scene is both moving and profound and hopeful. – Amazon customer review

In a time of renewed divisiveness regarding the issues of the WTC area,”I Live at Ground Zero” reminds us of the importance of healing. – Amazon customer review

“Your new film is the best thing we’ve seen on the subject offered. Trust Jezebel Productions to think of approaching September 11th from a child’s perspective. — Viewer’s comment

About the Film

On September 11, 2001, children living and going to school in lower Manhattan were eyewitnesses to massive destruction and senseless loss of life. Isabella was nine years old the day the planes struck the towers, and she will never forget the searing images she saw that infamous morning.

Isabella was born in TriBeCa, a New York City neighborhood then in the shadow of the World Trade Center. Her school, PS 234, was two blocks North of the WTC site and her local park (the New York City equivalent of a backyard) was just across the street. The Twin Towers served as her north star, a guidepost by which she learned to navigate her neighborhood and recognize the way home. Her community — the protected, secure, and innocent world of her childhood — was shattered on September 11th.

I Live At Ground Zero” captures Isabella’s attempts to make sense of this enormous and sudden change in her life–perhaps most significantly her loss of innocence. Out of her classroom window she watched as bodies fell from the north tower, a sight she has been unable to forget. We have all been unable to forget.

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