The community that comes together in our documentary The Marion Lake Story: Defeating the Mighty Phragmite is an inspiration for others.  We hope the film encourages volunteer initiatives that improve water quality for local communities. We need to protect the bodies of water on which our lives and the future of the planet depend!


Please book the film through New Day Films and download our handy Screening Toolkit.


Take action locally:

Volunteering is a fun way to appreciate your community, to meet your neighbors and to learn close-up and in person about the interconnected nature of all our activities and our quality of life. There are projects big and small to choose from. Whether you want to monitor water sources while you walk your dog every day, to restore local open space with native plants or to save money, time and water by changing the way you care for your own lawn and garden, you just have to get out and do it.


These national organizations have local chapters; find one near you!

Sierra Club

Society for Ecological Restoration

Audubon Society

Nature Conservancy

EWG -Environmental Working Group