FLYING LESSONS (working title) by Andrea Weiss

On my first visit to Berlin in 1987, I sent my father a postcard of Tempelhof Airport with an old American propeller-plane displayed prominently in the foreground.  For me, the image of that airplane, almost identical to the one he flew during the Berlin Airlift of 1948, turned my father from a shriveled old Jewish man into a handsome all-American movie star, replete with leather jacket and aviator helmet. My father hated Germany and all things German, but he kept that postcard in his desk for the rest of his life.

Thirty years later, my father is long dead and Tempelhof Airport where his plane landed as part of the most extensive humanitarian mission in history is the main center for feeding and housing refugees flooding into Europe from Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq. The airplane hangars, now makeshift accommodations, were built by political prisoners of the Nazi regime.  The country that caused the largest refugee crisis in the world in the last century is taking leadership in the refugee crisis today.  Weaving together personal and global history, “Flying Lessons” reflects on these ironies.

VULTURE BOULEVARD  by Greta Schiller
Vulture Boulevard 
(working title) is a feature length, closely observed film exploring ecological restoration, arguably one of the most significant ideas of the recent fin de siècle.

In far western Spain, humans have coexisted with nature for thousands of years, until modern agriculture decimated the area.  To bring this degraded landscape back to its prior state of equilibrium, people at the Campanarios de Azaba are practicing ecological restoration, the art of breathing new life into dying lands. Here vultures, wild horses, pigs, goats and thousands of insects and birds form an ecosystem in harmony with humans.  However, these eco-pioneers now learn that Uranium Mining is about to commence on their doorstep…and a new battle begins.  As the story unfolds, the audience is brought into the center of a radical project to heal planet Earth.

Supported in part by an Outreach Fellowship from the Rachel Carson Center for Environment and Society, Universities of Munich and Zurich, 2015-16, and a Global Fulbright Scholar Award in 2016-17.       Sign up for email alerts about our progress.


by Linda Villarosa, Andrea Weiss, and Greta Schiller

CCNYThe Great Experiment will revisit the 1969 student strike at City College and the subsequent events which led to the tumultuous thirty year period of Open Admissions. As the majority of New York City high school students were Black and Hispanic, this initiated a seismic shift in the demographics of the university. Open Admissions was a highly contested policy, with passionate advocates and indignant adversaries across a  spectrum of perspectives, at once seeming to underscore and threaten basic tenets underlying our identity as a nation. The film will explore the philosophical and pedagogical debates supporting and opposing the policy, and shed light on its legacy and significance for today.

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